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June 7, 2011

POTD: Noseless Stalin in Moscow

When the Soviet Union fell, the symbols of that regime – the innumerable statues of Marx, Engels, and Lenin – were brought down as well. Many were melted down, demolished, or sold to wealthy Westerners who installed them in American casinos. Some of these statues still survive throughout the former Soviet Union, however, either in the town squares of small towns or places like Fallen Monument Park in Moscow, which houses a large collection of old Soviet statues, including this one of Stalin. I don’t know how Stalin lost his nose here, but I’d like to imagine that it was the result of a large sledgehammer wielded by an average Soviet citizen.

July 8, 2002

Russia: The Largest Lenin Statue in St. Petersburg

Even though the USSR dissolved over a decade ago, there are still tons of statues and plaques of various Communist leaders. Seriously, if Lenin so much as stepped foot in a building, there will be a plaque there to commemorate the event. This beautiful 16 meter statue of Vladimir Lenin is located near the Moskovskaya metro stop. The building in the background appears to be some type of USSR government building.

Me striking my Lenin pose.

Kate as Lenin.

Will posing as Lenin.

Yes, yes….we sure are creative tourists.