Aug 30 2007

Zesty Fried Guacamole Bites

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Speaking of Texas, how amazing does this sound?:

Concessionaire Allan Weiss is offering up Zesty Fried Guacamole Bites, a variation on the Fried Avocados he created last year. The bites are a scoop of guacamole, breaded, fried and served with ranch dressings or salsa.

“The Fried Avocado went over so well, and I think people like guacamole even more than they like avocado,” Weiss said.

All of my favorite food groups (guacamole, ranch dressing, fried whatever) rolled into one tasty snack.
Someone please send me the recipe so I can have someone who knows how to cook make them for me.

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  1. From Michael B:

    And don’t forget to have your cardiologist deliver it.

    Posted on March 20, 2009 at 10:36 am #

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