May 27 2007

Yushchenko orders troops to Kiev

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In a little over a month we are heading off to Kiev, which is currently embroiled in a political crisis of sorts:

MOSCOW, May 26 — Thousands of Interior Ministry troops were ordered to the Ukrainian capital by President Viktor Yushchenko on Saturday as a power struggle with his rival Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych ballooned into a potentially grave clash over who controls sections of the country’s security forces.

On Friday, Yushchenko signed a decree placing the ministry troops under his command — an order that Interior Minister Vasyl Tsushko, a Yanukovych loyalist, rejected.

The troops, however, are under the command of a Yushchenko ally, and some but not all units followed orders to head to the capital, Kiev. On the way, some of them were reportedly stopped by traffic police who were following a government order to stop the deployment.

The escalating succession of commands and counter-commands testing loyalties among the country’s police and security services has alarmed foreign governments and raised fears that a poisonous political feud could spill into violence between armed units of the state.

But apparently everything is cool now, with Yushchenko and Yanukovich agreeing to hold new parliamentary elections on September 30.

See, mom? Peaceful demonstrations

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