Jul 08 2003

When it rains, it pours…

by in Eastern Europe & the Caucasus, Russia

The weather today was HORRIBLE.  We were walking back to the metro station after classes ended and out of nowhere it just started pouring rain.  I don’t recall ever being in such a heavy downpour. We had one umbrella between the four of us, and were thus soaked right through. The weather is supposed to be like this for an entire week…ugh!

So apparently if you want to call me on my cellphone you have to drop the 8 from the number.  Don’t ask me why, I know nothing about the telephone system over here…if you are calling from the states it is +011 7 (903) 565 – 8687.

We found a McDonald’s within walking distance from our dorm.  Hurrah, fried cherry pies and cherry McFlurrys for all!

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