Dec 11 2004

Update on the crazy guy

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The crazy guy from my previous post was mentioned in the LSE school newspaper, The Beaver:

Arrest in Library

Police were called to the Library last week in order to arrest and remove a former LSE student. According to LSE students in the Library at the time the unknown individual screamed obscenities over the railings and accused the LSE of being a racist institution for having only awarded him a 2:1 in his degree. As a result he was now on anti-depressants, he yelled at the Library. The same individual was also said to have assaulted promoters for the LSE SU Mexican society. Six police came to the scene in order to restrain and remove the individual.

Not quite as funny as the GW Hatchet crime logs, but still quite amusing.

There was also an article about a rugby player who streaked naked through a lecture, much to the shock of the professor.

My plane leaves from Heathrow in nine hours…weird…felt like I just got here. Oh, right…it’s because I did just get here.

See most of you in California.

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