Nov 01 2009

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-01

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  • coffee +NYTimes = Sunday bliss #
  • Just read idiotic Thomas Friedman column. No longer in state of bliss. #
  • Baking desserts with my big oil comrades #
  • Rooting for the Yankees is like rooting for Wal-Mart #
  • Eh, go Phillies? #
  • Drinking organic fair trade whatever coffee in my Barack Obama coffee mug, and then proceeding to go work for Big Oil #
  • I think the Pyongyang metro has better on-time performance than the one in DC. When they have electricity, that is. #
  • We need a Guy Fawkes Night celebration in DC #
  • Supposed to be studying for my Russian mid-term tomorrow… #
  • One month from now I will be back in California. For three days. #
  • @mjanderson lol, saving vacation days for a possible Europe trip over Xmas in reply to mjanderson #
  • Bad decision, dude! RT @LiberateLaura: An NK propagandist's wet dream: 30-y-o SK resident defects to the north via DMZ. #
  • Malls are depressing #
  • Henceforth, I will now write all dates in Juche format. 28 October Juche 98. #
  • Yes, I'm going to vote for Creigh Deeds. NOW STOP CALLING ME! #
  • Hello, Thursday. So nice to see you, but I wish you were Friday. #
  • @pointerj I would recommend the British English -> American English function on Google translate in reply to pointerj #
  • Dude seriously creigh deeds stop calling me!!! #
  • Drinking elitist beer at rfd #
  • Looking forward to brewing beer and breaking clays this weekend #
  • The best microbrewery in Pyongyang…or all of North Korea for that matter #korea #dprk #
  • I wish all kitchen appliances came in camo #
  • Brewing beer with @pointerj #
  • DC is the only city where you will see someone dressed up as a UN peacekeeper superhero for Halloween #
  • I'm not sure of this dude is supposed to be an Asian Robert E Lee or a member of the Beatles. So confused #
  • It's true, our Berlin wall costume was the best this city has ever seen. Embassy trick or treating next year…it's on #

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