Dec 06 2010

Travel wishlist: South Africa

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Back in 2007 I posted a list of destinations that were high on my wishlist at the same time. Since posting that list, I’ve managed to cross off three of those destinations: China, North Korea, and Ukraine. I’ve decided to once again highlight a few of the destinations that are high on my travel wishlist. This has been prompted by two things: 1) my inability to actually travel anywhere internationally since being laid off, so instead I must dream; and 2) Hearing the word “list” too many times, as is to be expected around Christmas time.

South Africa map

First up is South Africa. This trip was originally proposed by one of my friends who is also a hardcore travel nut. We had yet to really nail down the details, but a rough sketch of the trip included diving with Great White Sharks (you’ll, uh, be in a cage and thus protected from death), going on a safari, and then staying in a Mozambique fishing village for a few days.

Ideally, I would like to have visited South Africa a few months ago while the World Cup was going on, but I’ll have to settle for a trip in the (hopefully) near future. Traveling within South Africa is generally quite inexpensive, however flights to Cape Town can be quite expensive ($1,300+) depending on the season.

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