Sep 22 2008

The GW Hippo: Saved?

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Administrators rebuffed reports this week that the University was phasing out its unofficial hippo mascot, saying it was never discussed by the senior administration and that the bookstore stopped ordering hippo apparel because of a “misunderstanding.”


“Counter to the implications of the story, there has been no high-level decision to do away with our unofficial mascot, which is a great part of our culture and lore at GW,” said Barbara Porter, chief of staff for University President Steven Knapp.


Saulny said the bookstore has ordered new hippo apparel this week which will be arriving soon.

I am guessing that the administration did not expect that their decision to minimize the hippo would result in such anger from the student body and alumni community.

With all that is wrong with the world today, at least we still have our hippo. Very much looking forward to the new hippo apparel.

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