Jan 12 2006

SuperShuttle ride from hell

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I’ve safely arrived in the D.C. area, and am now ensconced in Liz and Nick’s lovely apartment in Springfield, VA.

My flight left Palm Springs at 6:30am, so I woke up at 4am and, after saying goodbye to my poor old Labrador Retriever, left my house at 4:45am to get to the airport. The flights themselves were fine…after enduring the 11 hour flights to and from London, a hop from the West to East coast is nothing to complain about.

The SuperShuttle, on the other hand, is something I will complain about. In theory, the SuperShuttle should be effective…load a bunch of passengers with nearby addresses into a large blue van, type their final destinations into the GPS unit, and off you go! Today, however, my driver got LOST EVEN THOUGH THE GPS WAS TELLING HIM WHERE TO GO. (At least I think it was…the GPS was actually speaking in French, the driver’s first language…but there were maps, too, dammit). I swear, he wandered around Springfield for 20-30 minutes trying to find my friend’s address. I knew they were located near the Springfield Mall, so I asked him if he knew where that was, and he just muttered some unintelligible French words..not that I could comprehend what he was saying anyways, though, as I don’t speak any French…but he was probably cursing me. He seemed kind of angry…and he was also driving in the middle of two lanes on the freeway…and ran a red light…and probably broke 999 other traffic rules. When we finally got to the apartment complex (after calling Nick and Liz for directions, because what’s the use of this oh so fancy GPS system, eh?) I just had him drop me off on some random corner, as I didn’t want him to go searching around for another 5 minutes…there were two other passengers in the van, and they will most likely make it home by tomorrow afternoon if they are lucky!

I think tomorrow I may take the metro into DC and wander around the city. I’m excited about being near a metro again, because that is something I really missed when I was back in California these past few months. I love throwing my mp3 player into my coat pocket and listening to The Killers and The Clash during long metro/tube rides, and then wandering aimlessly around the city streets. Don’t get much of that in the car-dependent hell that is Southern California. Thank god for the East Coast and their public transportation systems.

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  1. From Ryan:

    When are you putting the LA pics up, biatch?

    Posted on January 16, 2006 at 3:57 pm #
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