Apr 02 2006

So goodbye California, It’s really been nice

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I never thought that after leaving California in January, I would be back in a mere two months. I was in San Diego for a business trip from Monday to Friday. Business trips, I’ve discovered, mainly revolve around plentiful eating and drinking, with several hours of meetings during the day. We also toured a manufacturing plant that provides services to the oil & gas industry, and afterwards cruised around San Diego bay on a yacht. It just so happened that there were four Russian businessmen on the boat, so I spent the majority of the cruise talking to them. I really need to start brushing up on my Russian, considering it’s been almost a year since I’ve been in a classroom. The end result of the night, however, is that I’m now betrothed to one of Ruslan’s sons back in Moscow. Ruslan assured me that he is strong and handsome, so I’m cool with that.
On Thursday my parents drove down from the desert and we had dinner at the Old Town Mexican Cafe, a restaurant we’ve been frequenting since I was a little kid. I stuffed myself with the homemade tortillas and guacamole…we don’t get much of that out here on the east coast so you have to take advantage of it when you get the chance. Afterwards, I met up with Diana, Alex, and Jonathan for drinks.
And now that I’m finally back in DC, the weather is absolutely wonderful…time to put away all the winter gear and break out the flip-flops!

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