Jun 27 2007

Required reading: June 27, 2007

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Facebook in 40 years – will we still have Facebook profiles when we’re 65?

MySpace for the proletariat, Facebook for the bourgeoise? If I have both, does that make me an equal opportunity class enemy?

Are there really no Republicans left in California? Foreign Nationals Hired For 2 California GOP Posts (this really is a hilarious story)

Uh, when has this guy ever seen the inside of a foxhole?

Tired Of Traffic? A New DOT Report Urges Drivers: ‘Honk’

Music festivals all over the former Communist Bloc – It’s like Coachella, but in Eastern Europe

New Cold War museum opens in Moscow
– gas masks and Geiger counters optional

WSJ: Gazprom Pipeline Plan May Fuel Worry…Trust Russia on energy, Putin tells Balkan countries…meanwhile, the Nabucco pipeline project falters

Nice shades, Vlad

Can U.S. Adopt Europe’s Fuel-Efficient Cars? Yeah, right.

Considered but Discarded Names for the Indie Band Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin

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  1. From Jason:

    Hi, quick question. I came across your site through Google, and was wondering if you had a hi-res version of this photo:

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