Jul 31 2007

Required reading: July 31, 2007

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How do you go from glasnost and perestroika to repping Louis Vuitton bags? Yeah, that’s right, former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev is featured in Louis Vuitton’s latest series of advertisements:


Russia plans big nuclear expansion:

Though there’s talk of technology breakthroughs, such as breeder reactors that produce more fuel than they use, the new stations to be built and exported are basically pre-Chernobyl Soviet designs that have safety systems added on. Russia is currently building seven nuclear stations abroad – more than any competitor – in Iran, China, India, and Bulgaria.

When Whippersnappers and Geezers Collide: The title is lame, but the article is amusing

Russian Oil Magnate Forced to Sell to Putin Loyalist, He Says. Shocking.

The Kids of Summer – more on the Nashi summer camp in Russia (be sure to check out the slideshow featuring a mockup of Garry Kasparov clad in lingerie)

Ethanol Scam: Ethanol Hurts the Environment And Is One of America’s Biggest Political Boondoggles. It also raises the price of tortillas. Seriously.

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