Polar bear for sale!

Remember Knut, that adorable polar bear cub that was abandoned by his mother but went on to grace the cover of Vanity Fair and earn the Berlin Zoo a few million bucks? Yeah, the zoo is trying to sell him now, because he is old, and therefore kinda boring. I will offer the Zoo $10 for Knut. He can live in my parent’s backyard and swim in their pool. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind since they love polar bears so much. Here is your chance to save one, Mom!

knut polar bear cub Polar bear for sale!

knut older polar bear Polar bear for sale!
Old and busted

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  1. I love polar bears and I’ll take him off your hands for free! Absolutley NO charge!! E-mail me if it’s a deal.

  2. i just absolutely love polar bears, but i do think its mean to take them out of there habitat even though its melting from global warming, but i think we should just stop global warming to save the polar bears, but only people who really love polar bears and don’t just think their cute and fluffy as cubs. so my point i am trying to make is to(NOT)sell polar bears for money and instead help them before its to late. i like the polar bear that siad under it cute

  3. hey i love polar bears and that is what i would do to save him i feel very sorry for him and stuff because he died a couple of years ago and i cried a every day and thats why i like this blog and if i had a million of dollars i would buy the zoo and then buy all the polar bears and name them after my favorite singers and i would teacher them songs

  4. Hello all. I have one question, how the heck are you going to be able to care for a polar bear!? they live in the artic for a reason. yes the ice caps are melting, and yes the bears are slowly losing their habitat. but who are we to take them from there? Polar bears have thick layers of fur and blubber. this keeps the animal, very WARM. unless you live in an area that can supply enough energy to support an artic environment I suggest you look else where. I also understand that most of you love animals, I do too. I love animals will all my heart, I am in school to become a veterinarian. But if you love animals you will stop trying to buy these types of animals. When a polar bear is young, no doubt it is adorable. But when it gets older it has the possibility to kill. And when it does, it will be shot and killed. And when someone feels they can’t take care of it they will try to get rid of it and that is very difficult to do so. Not all zoos and sanctuaries are able to take in these animals. Polar bears are also almost endangered! so why help lessen the population? If you truly love and care for these animals you will not buy them, and allow them to continue to live in their habitat. Please do not take this comment as offensive, but as a voice of concern.
    veterinarian in training

  5. um polar bears are worth a few hundred thousand dollars not $10, and the polar bear would eat your parents and die from the chlorine in the pool.