Jul 27 2010

North Korea: Kaesong

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Following our visit to the DMZ, we headed to Kaesong, the former capital of the Koryo dynasty (918-1392). Kaesong is currently North Korea’s 9th most populous city and serves as the DPRK’s center of light industry. Although we were originally scheduled to stay overnight in Kaesong, this didn’t happen due to a decision by some random North Korean bureaucrat (big surprise there). So instead of spending the night in Kaesong, we just had lunch at a restaurant there and then made a quick stop at the Koryo Museum.

A traditional lunch at Tongil restaurant. I had no idea what most of these dishes were.

Entrance to the Tongil restaurant.

On a hill overlooking Kaesong

The Koryo Museum. Originally erected in 992, this was an was the central institute of education during the Koryo dynasty, training children of the nobility to serve as officials in the Koryo government. It now houses relics from the Koryo dynasty. The present buildings date to 1602.



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