May 15 2008

No more wiffleball Sundays? (Feds shut us down AGAIN)

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Fort Reno Park, the site of this season’s wiffleball Sundays, has been shutdown by the Feds due to high levels of arsenic found in the soil:

Research geographer Dr. Terry Slonecker said he was doing follow-up work on the clean up of World War I-era munitions and chemicals discovered in 1993 in the Spring Valley neighborhood near American University, when he detected the arsenic. However, it wasn’t in Spring Valley, but in Fort Reno Park.
Slonecker said he was using a satellite imaging system that could detect grass and other vegetation growing in arsenic contaminated soil. One image pinpointed a huge area in the park.

A soil sample report confirming the findings caused the National Park Service to close the park. The heaviest concentration of arsenic is believed to be in the southwest corner, near the tennis courts.

The levels of arsenic found in the soil exceed the Environmental Protection Agency’s safety threshold. Experts said that arsenic at a level of 43 parts per million requires a cleanup and that the preliminary tests at Fort Reno showed 100 to 1,100 parts per million.

Thankfully, I do not recall ingesting any of the soil during our games.

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