May 19 2008

New winter gear for the comrades

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OK, so winter is over, but there’s always next year. An ad popped up on my Gmail for a company selling valenki, the traditional winter footwear adored by Red Army soldiers, peasants, and gulag inmates throughout Russia. These valenki, however, are suitable for “winter walking on 5th Ave all the way to Rodeo Dr” (why anyone would want to wear wool felt boots in Southern California is beyond me, although I couldn’t comprehend the ridiculous Ugg trend that conquered our great state, either). In addition to their supposed usefulness when it comes to walking from (l)east coast shopping destination to West coast shopping destination, they also broadcast your support for the now defunct Soviet Union via these stylin’ hammer and sickle symbols stitched onto the side.


Which ones should I get? Black? White? What will go best with business suits?

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One Response to New winter gear for the comrades

  1. From Adam:

    These boots will be the quintessential item of my Mega man outfit.

    Posted on May 20, 2008 at 12:14 am #
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