Apr 12 2004

My $140,000 piece of paper

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Hey, look what GW finally sent me! Yeah, that’s right…after graduating in December, I finally received my diploma.

So now I have proof that I actually graduated from GW. It occurred to me that I’ve never posted anything about what I’m doing in the future. No, I will not be working at Office Depot forever…in late September I will be moving to the United Kingdom to attend graduate school at the London School of Economics.


By now you’re thinking “Economics? What?” The full name of the university is The London School of Economics and Political Science, but that is quite possibly the longest university name in existence, so from now on I shall refer to it as LSE.

I will be pursuing a Master’s in Russian and Post-Soviet Studies. School starts in October, but I’ll probably be leaving the U.S. around September 27th…I can’t wait.

Maybe I’ll post some more stuff about LSE later (for instance, how I even came to pick that school) but for now I need to get some sleep.

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