Jun 26 2005

More photos from my neighborhood

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A few months ago, I posted some photos of Borough Market, an awesome market that is just a short walk from where I live. I’ve uploaded some more photos so you can see another part of my neighborhood – the area bordering the River Thames. I love living in this area. Unfortunately, I have to move out of this dorm on July 2, but the dorm I am moving to is only a 10 minute walk away, so I’ll still be close to all of this…

This is the Tate Modern. My dorm is directly behind this former power station turned modern art gallery. The Bankside Power Station was built in 1947, shut down in 1981, and then re-opened as the Tate Modern in 2000. At night, the top of the smokestack is illuminated in purple. It’s definitely one of my favorite buildings in London, which may seem odd, because it’s not really considered to be “beautiful” but I just love its design.

View of the Tate Modern from the Millenium Bridge.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre – not the original theatre (it burned down in 1613), but the modern Globe is located not far from the original site.

Across the river is St. Paul’s Cathedral, designed by Sir Christopher Wren and completed in 1708. Most people recognize this as the church where Charles and Diana were married.

One of my favorite photos from World War II is of St. Paul’s during a fire bomb raid on December 29, 1940:

Another view of St. Paul’s, with the Millenium Footbridge on the right.

Southwark Bridge…and Tower Bridge is waaaay back there.

The closest thing we have to a beach!

There is a pub called Founder’s Arms that sits on the riverside. Since the weather has been nice lately, everyone goes here to have a stand outside with a pint…or two. IMHO, probably one of the best views you will ever have from a pub.

Further down from Founder’s Arms, past the Tate and Globe, there are some great restaurants.

Home, sweet home…my dorm is on the left, the building on the right is a huge glass monstrosity that is currently under construction…and here is our little “lawn” behind the Tate.

I’ve got a few more photos here.

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  1. From Gustavo:

    Those are very nice pictures. I wish I could take pics half as good as you! 🙂

    Posted on June 27, 2005 at 1:19 am #
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