Jul 09 2007

I need a vacation from my vacation

by in Central & Southern Europe, Eastern Europe & the Caucasus, Poland, Ukraine

Seriously. After a hellish flight (thank you, LOT Polish airlines!), I finally arrived at my house in DC around 11pm on Sunday night. I am not actually in DC right now, though, as I soon found myself on yet another airplane headed to Houston. My hotel room reeks of smoke and the sign outside the hotel bar kindly requests that you refrain from bringing your handgun into the establishment. Ironically, the paintings that hang in my room are various landscapes of London, the largest being of my former neighborhood south of the Thames, Bankside. It’s like some sick joke.

Anyways, I took a ton of photos this past week…almost 600 of them. I have 230 from Chernobyl alone. I’ll upload them when I get a chance and then write a little bit about the trip itself. But for now, I gotta sleep.


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