Oct 23 2003

Gorby (TM)

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Mikhail Gorbachev � has trademarked his name, nickname (Gorby �), and forehead.  Apparently Gorby � is sick of companies using his image to sell, among other things, instant noodles…

“Polyakov [spokesman for the Gorbachev Foundation] said he had personally seen an ad for a construction company on the side of a bus in the United States that featured Gorbachev operating a drill. And in Japan, he said, video clips of Gorbachev delivering a speech while he was the head of the Soviet Union have been edited into a commercial for instant noodles.”

“It especially bothered him that his image was being used on vodka. He will only allow his name to be used on respectable products.”

Ironic, considering Gorby � spearheaded an unsuccessful anti-drinking campaign…an anti-drinking campaign in Russia?  What was he thinking?

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