Sep 18 2008

GDub, you are dead to me

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Well, forget my grand idea of The George Washington University adopting Happy the Hippo. Apparently, GW is kicking out its own hippo!

The hippo, the University’s unofficial mascot for almost a decade, is set to become a footnote in GW history.

Administrators said Wednesday that the hippo – made popular by former University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg – is being phased out of merchandise and University events for legal and branding reasons. GW will continue to be represented by its other mascots, George and Big George.

“We are trying to get better brand recognition in the national collegiate market as GW,” said John Och, the University coordinator for licensing and trademarks. “The hippo is not a registered mascot and it’s better for us to put forward one unified brand.”

I AM NEVER DONATING MONEY TO THIS STUPID UNIVERSITY EVER! When I’m CEO of ExxonBPChevronocoPhillipShell, and GW sends me a letter asking for some dough so they can renovate J Street for the 847th time, I will tell them HELL NO, I’m donating it to some sort of “Save Unofficial, yet Whimsical, University Mascots” campaign. SAVE THE HIPPO!!! DOWN WITH THE GW TRADEMARKS OFFICE!!!

The GW Bookstore will continue to stock plush stuffed animal hippos, but no more items imprinted with the hippo will be ordered, said Follett Director of Public and Campus Relations Elio DiStaola. The unofficial mascot will still make appearances at University events, but mostly at functions with children or when the official mascots are at away games.

Looks like I’ll have to drop by the bookstore to pickup some final merchandise for my hippo shrine.
Oh, and this is awesome as well:

Another branding decision will change the “athletic yellow” tone of the official buff and blue colors to a “sparkly Vegas gold,” Och said.

Yes, as I recall from my history books, George Washington specifically requested that his military uniforms be made from blue and sparkly Vegas gold fabric.

So raise high the sparkly Vegas gold (SPARKLY VEGAS GOLD!)
Raise high the Blue (BLUE!)
Loyal to GW
You bet we’re
Loyal to GW (FIGHT!)

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3 Responses to GDub, you are dead to me

  1. From Malnurtured Snay:

    I found your blog today – well, yesterday – while Googling the hippo. Saw him for the first time in ten years last week. So sad he’s going bye-bye. So glad he’s not munching on me with those giant teeth.

    Posted on September 19, 2008 at 3:57 am #
  2. From jamie:

    hrmph. i hate that place more and more (and not just because i work there). i think the real reason is cause the new old man that’s running the joint doesn’t like that he has contributed nothing to the university thus far (so what that he just took over)…
    are they getting rid of the sculpture at 21st & H? if they do,what else can i lean against while i pretend to “protect” the gw community?!

    Posted on September 19, 2008 at 10:59 am #

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