May 28 2008

Gas station etiquette, or the lack thereof

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While on our pool purchasing expedition to Woodbridge, I decided to stop at a Shell station and fill up the gas guzzling XTerra. I wasn’t exactly on empty, but I have this odd quirk in which I must fill up my gas tank if the needle shows that I only have a quarter of a tank left. Otherwise, I might end up stranded on some country road in the middle of nowhere, waiting for AAA to bring me a couple gallons of gasoline that would enable me to drive say, five miles or so. Not that I do a lot of driving through the middle of nowhere, as I most often use the SUV to pick up my drycleaning.

Anyways, I pull up next to a pump and start to fill up the XTerra with $55 worth of that wonderful product known as gasoline. The lady at the pump in front of me leaves, and I am now the only customer at the Shell station. Until, that is, two guys in a beat up Toyota pick up pull up right behind me and just sit there, as if they were waiting for me to leave so they could fill up their truck. I glance around at the five empty pumps and exchange a “WTF?” look with Jamie. A minute or so goes by (yep, still filling up, gotta big tank) and the driver of the Toyota finally pulls into the pump in front of me, as if he’s suddenly realized that there are, in fact, multiple gas pumps. The best part, though, was this dude’s parking job. Classic.

Nice dent

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3 Responses to Gas station etiquette, or the lack thereof

  1. From Ann:

    People are idiots!

    Posted on May 29, 2008 at 9:54 pm #
  2. From FamiliesONLY:

    I hate that – worse is the station here that has the 4 slowest pumps and people pump and then go in and buy their lunch, sit down and eat, while leaving their car parked at the pump. It is soooo rude.

    Posted on May 30, 2008 at 9:13 am #
  3. From Ashley:

    We have plenty of rude rednecks who think trucks entitle them to be dickheads, but I’m sure glad we don’t have people that think pump lanes are parking spots…I should be happy with what I have.

    Posted on March 20, 2009 at 10:47 pm #

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