Oct 29 2003

DNC Fundraiser @ Dream Nightclub

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“The whole concept of having a fund-raiser until 3 a.m., it’s so them.” – Former Republican National Committee Chairman Rich Bond

On Monday night Laura and I worked the DNC Fundraiser at Dream Nightclub…”work” consisted of checking in guests for an hour and then having the rest of the night to have fun at the event (without having to pay the $50 fee….sweet).

Dream Nightclub is off the hook…it’s got 4 floors, each with a different theme.  Bill Clinton was there, and was cheered loudly by all of us young Democrats.  Yeah, Bill…we still love you…hell, we probably love you even more than we did when you were in office.  I saw the guy that plays Francisco DuPrey on K Street (“Laura, look, it’s Francisco DuPrrrrey!”)  Anyways, that event was awesome…ah yes, now I remember why I came to school in DC….Clinton…hang out with other Democrats…yesssss!

Some pictures will be up soon.

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