May 04 2009

Costa Rica: The food. Oh, the food.

by in Central America, Costa Rica

As a warning, you probably shouldn’t view this post if you are extremely hungry due to all the gratuitous food photos.

I can’t recall having a single bad meal in Costa Rica. We ate a lot of meat, seafood, plantains, guacamole, rice and beans (I never thought of rice and beans as a breakfast dish, but it was surprisingly good), and grilled veggies. And, of course, drank a lot of beer. Luckily, we met some fellow WRSC guests who had been to WRSC the previous year and took us to some great (and cheap) restaurants in Tamarindo.

Pick your steak from the counter display and these guys grill it for you. Biggest filet mignon I’ve ever had.

Stuffed. We also had the entire restaurant to ourselves.

The next place we went to was Pedro’s, a small shack located on the beach (my previous post had a photo of it during the daytime). I opted for the jumbo shrimp, caught that day, and then breaded.

Rian’s seafood platter

Another meal at El Sabor de la Vida, across the street from WRSC:

I had the shrimp plate (by now you have already figured out that I love shrimp) and it was probably around $5.

The next day, Andrew bought some fish and shrimp from fishermen while he was out on a surf trip. He dropped them off at El Sabor de la Vida and the woman there grilled them, made ceviche, and put on an amazing spread with sides of guacamole, chips, plantains, and rice. For all of this, she charged us about $4 per person. Needless to say, we gave her a very nice tip.

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3 Responses to Costa Rica: The food. Oh, the food.

  1. From jamie:

    how does the hellman’s packets (or best foods for us west coasters) fit into all this yummy food?
    also, you suck.

    Posted on May 5, 2009 at 2:07 pm #
  2. From Lindsay:

    haha, no idea why they gave us the mayo…no one touched it!

    Posted on May 6, 2009 at 12:13 am #


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