Jun 24 2009

Costa Rica: Buena Vista Lodge

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In addition to the zip line tour, we partook in a few other activities while at the Buena Vista Lodge.

horseback riding buena vista costa rica
We went horseback riding. This is my horse. He was kind of a bully and would bite the other horses in our group.

They made us wear these ridiculous helmets. Where I grew up, you only wore cowboy hats when riding horses, but whatev.

In addition to being an eco-tourism center, Buena Vista is also a cattle ranch.

Rincón de la Vieja Volcano
Rincón de la Vieja Volcano
We rode our horses to the spa area, where we sat in a steam room and then slathered our bodies in volcanic mud. It’s supposed to be good for your pores or something.

mud bath
After the mud has dried, you then wash it off with a cold shower. A lot of the tourists were whining that the water was too cold, but after two to three weeks of taking ice cold showers in Moscow and Petersburg, this was nothing. Amateurs.

hot springs
After you have scrubbed off all the volcanic mud, you then proceed to hang out in the hot springs. Following that, you sit in the sun and drink beer. Not a bad day trip.

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