Oct 13 2003

Clark rocks my world

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On Wednesday we had our first DC for Clark fundraiser and we made over $15,000 for the General….wooohooo.  The fundraiser was at Club Daedalus in downtown DC.  There were a lot of people, a few Congressmen, and plenty of Clark bars for everyone (Chad ate like six or something…they are that good).

On Thursday Clark attended his second Dem debate.  This debate was hosted by CNN so we had to suffer through Judy Woodruff…I hate her!  Lieberman, Kerry, and Edwards were being real jerks to Wes…because he’s chipping away at their support, obviously.  Basically their argument was that he’s not a real Democrat and blah blah blah…yeah, whatever…like Lieberman should be talking…why is he even at the Democratic debate???  He’s GOP through and through…j/k.

Time to study for Russian…

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