Oct 15 2004

By Appointment To Her Majesty the Queen, lindsayfincher.com

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This website aproved by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

I was sitting in our dorm’s canteen eating horrible British food (this is a recurring theme, you see) and drinking milk when I noticed that the carton was emblazoned with the royal court of arms and “By Appointment To Her Majesty the Queen.” Weird. So, the next day I was drinking some tea and noticed that the box of tea and the box of sugar cubes said the same thing. So I’m drinking tea that’s fit for the Queen. Good to know, but I still think it’s weird that they put that on the product boxes, and even weirder that my bags of Doritos and cans of Fanta do not have the mark of the Queen. I mean, surely the Queen eats Doritos!

Hmmm…the Brits aren’t going to deport me for declaring myself to be a provider of goods to the Royal family, are they?

Some news from around the world:
Coldest winter in years predicted
A senior forecaster said: “From what we are predicting, Britain could see its coldest winter of the century.” GREAT!

Discovery of mystery substance spurs bank evacuation (near my house in Palm Desert)
Bank employees contacted the fire department and its Hazardous Materials Team responded to the scene but was unable to identify the substance, Avila said.

At least one of the bottles had writing on the label in Russian and a College of the Desert student was brought in to translate. He determined the writing contained a number of scientific names for substances as well as the word grenade, Avila said.

No, it wasn’t my safe deposit box!

Area (Inland Empire) terror attack not likely, FBI chief says
“Al-Qaida is going to hit something that’s an icon,” Garcia said. “Something that’s going to have a lot of media behind it.”

There are no such targets in the Inland Empire, he said.

Coachella Valley residents can now sleep soundly at night knowing Al-Qaida is not planning any attacks on local landmarks such as Knott’s Soak City or the Cabazon dinosaurs!

Stray Dogs Invade Albanian Town, Attack Residents
An Albanian town had to call in police and hunters after a pack of 200 stray mountain dogs attacked at least nine people.

Headed by a clearly identifiable leader, the snarling pack overran the main street of the small northern town of Mamurras, its mayor said Wednesday.

Long-Lost Jules Verne Short Story ‘The Camera Phone’ Found

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3 Responses to By Appointment To Her Majesty the Queen, lindsayfincher.com

  1. From Anonymous:

    Office Depot does suck

    Posted on January 22, 2005 at 2:30 am #
  2. From david:

    funny about the whole appointed by the royal queen thing. heh. i’m from america and just got a bunch of my brit chums to come clear on it

    Posted on August 1, 2005 at 2:08 pm #
  3. From Maigné:

    Appointment (Appointement) est-il un mot d’origine française, ou britannique ?
    “L’appointement”, en France,n’était-il pas une procédure demandée par le juge consistant à faire mettre sur une table l’objet d’un litige, afin de statuer.

    Posted on November 26, 2008 at 11:43 pm #
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