Nov 11 2004

Big Brother wants you to pay for your damn TV licence

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When you purchase a television in the U.S., you can get a few of the basic channels without having to pay. Well, not in the UK. In order to watch the basic channels (ie, BBC), you have to buy a TV licence for �121 (around $224) per year. When you purchase a TV here, you give your details (name and address) to the retailer, who is required by law to provide that info to the TV licence cops (or whatever they are called). Supposedly, they drive around in vans that can pick up some sort of signal and give your door a knock if they think you are using a TV without a licence. Weird, huh?

So everyone in my dorm got this letter and door hanger that threatens us to pay for a TV licence OR ELSE! Funny thing is, I don’t have a TV, but whatever.


They have an interesting advertising campaign, too…quite Orwellian, actually. Almost every bus has an ad on the side that says “What will you have to sacrifice to pay the �1,000 fine?” and “WE HAVE A DATABASE OF EVERY HOME WITHOUT A TV LICENCE. JUST SO YOU KNOW.” Personally, my favorite one is “If you don’t pay for your TV licence, we will kill you and stick your head on a pike just like we did to Sir Thomas More. Bastard thought he could pirate BBC. WE SHOWED HIM.”

And in other news, the LSE student government is exactly like their ridiculous American counterparts…
Student elections were last week and one of the positions up for election was “Honorary Vice-President.” Winston Churchill (yes, the deceased Prime Mininster) was elected, but his “victory” was declared unconstitutional because he allegedly said some disparaging comments about Palestines and Jews in 1919, thus violating the Student Union’s “Equal Opportunities Policy.” This incident made the front page of the school newspaper and was even worthy enough to garner an Op-Ed. All I have to say is: What…the…hell? I thought GW student politics were asinine, but LSE wins, hands down. First off, an honorary VP? WTF??? And Winston Churchill as honorary VP? WTF??? Yeah, I’m sure his biographers will be sure to dedicate an entire chapter regarding his honorary vice-presidency at the LSE! And a huge uproar over Winston Churchill as honorary VP? WTF??? Don’t these people have more important things to legislate about? Like, for instance, the fact that my dorm restaurant does not have Heinz ketchup (but has Heinz mustard and Heinz tartar sauce). I’m getting sick of this watered down ketchup…BRING ME HEINZ!

Oh, by the way, the only candidate “running” for honorary president was Margaret Thatcher, but she lost to RON (re-open nomination). Haha.

Also, check out Queen is exposed to Highland game.

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2 Responses to Big Brother wants you to pay for your damn TV licence

  1. From Jex:

    I want that “head on a pike” ad. It will go nicely into my TV Licencers out to put my ass in jail file. (
    Today I got a chance to talk to some natives about the “honorary” elections and apparently there are weirder traditions. (One of the Amnesty members mentioned Yasser Arafat as a new potential candidate – another who would be declared “unconstitutional.”)
    Call me if you ever want to go down for chips & Heinz. (Yes I am too intimidated by the cafeteria staff to bring my own ketchup – shut up!)

    Posted on November 12, 2004 at 10:42 pm #
  2. From Lindsay:

    Yasser Arafat for honorary VP??? :::puke:::

    Posted on November 13, 2004 at 7:38 pm #
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