Jul 25 2004

Back from Oceanside

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…and now in the hell known as Palm Desert.

We spent Saturday at the beach. The weather was a bit gloomy, but it was a million times better than the 110 degree heat we left behind in PD. I didn’t take my surfboard since it wouldn’t fit in Kat’s car, but I had a good time body boarding (aka boogie boarding…yeah, being a damn “sponger”) and generally frolicking in the waves. Ah, Oceanside, how I love thee…

On the drive home to PD we stopped at the newly opened Krispy Kreme in Temecula. It was actually the opening day of that particular Krispy Kreme and it showed. We pulled up to the drive thru and ordered two donuts and a medium skim milk. The girl operating the drive thru window said they only have bottles of milk…and no skim, only 2%…ok, fine, we’ll take that but you might want to take the size and type of milk options off the menu. The girl then said “Your total is…ummm…we’ll tell you when you pull up to the window.” Haha, OK. So we pull up and the guy at the window says “Your total is $16.83.” What?? For two donuts?? Well, I guess you had to be there, but it was hilarious. All the workers were a bunch of kids…16 year olds and such, and this is probably their first job in customer service. I wish them well and welcome them to the wonderful world of customer service.

Kat and I have also decided that Temecula is really the perfect place to live. You have everything Palm Desert has, plus more, and it’s not 115 degrees outside. You are only a short drive from the beach, there is no congestion (well, compared to LA and San Diego), and the housing prices aren’t ridiculously high.

We stopped at Vista Point to take pictures of the Coachella Valley. Here is one:

A view of Hell.

There was a German motorcycle gang at Vista Point when we arrived. Alright, so they weren’t a gang, but it was a group of German tourists that are touring the U.S. on motorcycles. Kind of odd…yeah, let’s drive motorcycles across the desert in the middle of the summer. Oh well…

While driving through PD on the way to my house, Kat spotted this:


Ummm…yeah….welcome to Palm Desert.

Tomorrow I go back to Office Supply Hell. If you couldn’t tell from my previous post, I gave my two weeks notice to my asst. manager at Office Depot. Two weeks…10 workdays…at most, another 80 hours of hell.
And to all you lucky bastards that are at the Democratic convention in Boston, I hope you are having fun right now.

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