Apr 20 2005

Back from Egypt

by in Egypt, Middle East

I’m finally back in London, although a day later than expected. Our plane that was supposed to fly us back to the UK on Monday had some mechanical troubles and was deemed unfit to fly, so we had to stay in Luxor for an extra night. I wasn’t too pissed, though, because Monarch airlines put us up in the 5-star Sheraton Luxor Resort, with an excellent dinner and breakfast. Nice.

I took over 500 photos of Egypt, but it might take me awhile to upload them and write a proper blog entry about my trip because I have a paper due on Wednesday. So, I’m hoping to have them up within a week, complete with a somewhat humorous description of vacationing in the birthplace of civilization.

Here’s the one photo I’ve uploaded so far:

Here I am, displaying my “American pose” (as Jessica called it) in front of the pyramids at Giza.

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