Nov 02 2008

Americans just need to STFU and mind their own business

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From the article “God, Country and McCain”, which follows a group of Liberty University students working on behalf of McCain:

Her friend Meghan Allen is more direct. “If Obama wins, I’m gonna want someone to get in there and reverse it ASAP,” she says.


“If you want to get anything changed around here, you have to go through the courts,” Ayendi says. “You gotta be a lawyer.”

Totally, Allen agrees. “My goal is not to make laws Christian but to make government as small as possible so you can be as biblically Christian as you so choose,” she says.

This is something that I truly do not understand. How does America, as it currently is, prevent you from being “as biblically Christian as you so choose”? Are the godless atheists forcing you to eat pork, shrimp, and lobster, wear cotton/polyester blends, and shave?! No, I don’t think so.
So how about Americans, both right and left, just mind their own damn business and stop trying to restrict the liberties of their fellow citizens? Don’t like abortions? DON’T GET ONE. Don’t like gays marrying? DON’T MARRY ONE. Think Harry Potter books are witchcraft? DON’T READ THEM. Don’t like Rated R movies? DON’T WATCH THEM. Don’t like alcohol? DON’T DRINK IT. Don’t like guns? DON’T BUY ONE. Don’t like SUVs? DON’T DRIVE ONE. Don’t like burning flags? DON’T BURN ONE.

I realize this is too much to ask, but perhaps someday we could start focusing on important issues like the ECONOMY and FOREIGN POLICY.

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