August 26, 2004

USS Midway (CV-41)



If you know me well, then surely you are aware of my small obsession with visiting warships. I love them. As a kid, my parents would take me to San Diego to tour the ships that were open to the public. I even convinced my National Charity League group to tour the USS Fort Fisher when we went on a day trip to San Diego (If you have no clue what NCL is, let’s just say that those girls would be more at home in a Nordstrom’s than on a deck of a naval vessel). I think they liked it, though…got to play on the amphibious assault craft and pose with the MK-38 25-mm machine gun…how is that not fun???

Hell, I should probably be in the Navy right now (I actually did consider NROTC while at GW, but never went through with it). Anyways, I dragged my mom, cousin, and aunt down to San Diego so we could check out the USS Midway, the longest serving aircraft carrier in naval history (1945-1992).

It was cool to walk around the deck of this Cold War behemoth…long, detailed history of the ship is here.

Here’s the photos I took. If you’re ever in San Diego and have a few hours to spare, I highly recommend taking a tour of the Midway.