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November 11, 2003

The latest charges against Yukos

From the St. Pete times…

MOSCOW – The oil giant Yukos, already battered by the jailing of its head amid a politically tinged probe, also faces allegations of letting rabbits mate without supervision and of mistreating pigs, news reports said Thursday.

The animal abuse allegations against Yukos surfaced in an inspection of a farm belonging to its subsidiary Sakhaneftegaz, news reports said. Authorities found that male and female rabbits were kept together and “couplings take place unsystematically, and no zoological-technological monitoring records are kept,” Interfax said. Nursing sows are also kept in common stalls, which is against regulations, the report said.

“The unsystematic coupling of buck rabbits at a farm of a [Yukos] affiliate is an outrage, indeed,” Yukos spokesman Alexander Shadrin told Interfax.

“Nevertheless, I do not rule out that among the numerous accusations against Yukos a new one can be added – cruelty to animals planned and committed by an organized group,” Shadrin said.


November 11, 2003

Putin Cartoons

Putin Cartoons have been showing up in newspapers across America…sweet.