October 6, 2003

More pictures from Russia

Here you go…more pics from my summer in Moscow

Chris, Luke, and myself with our inflatable instruments of death – On July 4th we went down to VDNKh, an open air market/amusement park.  While we were there we bought these inflatable toys and ran around the park hitting each other with them.  The Russians thought we were INSANE, but it was fun.  We did look pretty odd holding these things on the long metro ride back to our dorm, though. 

The group at Peter and Paul Fortress – Eight of us took a trip to St. Petersburg for a weekend.  Here we are (minus Liz, who was taking the picture) at Peter & Paul Fortress.  Since we only had 2 days in St. Pete, Liz and I (the only people in the group who had been to St. Pete) ran the group like drill sergeants so the others could see all the major sites.  Whining about the amount of walking, the warm temperature, etc. was NOT tolerated.

Miriam, Liz, and myself in front of the Church of the Spilled Blood – Another pic from St. Pete.  Luke took this picture when we weren’t expecting it, thus all of our stupid poses.  We were deciding what to do in this picture…Liz and Miriam said we should do a pyramid and I said hey, now there’s a stupid idea…and said we should do the onion dome pose instead.  In this picture I demonstrate the “onion dome” pose.

Liz, Miriam, myself with my cool flag – Another picture from Church of the Spilled Blood, but in this one I have my cool “I *heart* Pityer” flag.  Yeah, you wish you had a flag like that…

Dinner at the Georgian restaurant – This is from my last night in Moscow…awww memories.  For my last meal I chose the Georgian restaurant, which we often went to because the food was so incredible.  There’s John, Miriam, myself, and Luke (with the crazy face).  Mmmmm Georgian food.

I miss Moscow and want to go back NOW.