May 30, 2003

Have tickets, will travel

I finally purchased my airline tickets to Moscow.  I will be flying Air Freedom (some of you unpatriotic Americans might still refer to it as Air France…only kidding of course!).  I’m leaving June 23 out of LAX, then connecting to Atlanta, then Paris, and then finally arriving in Moscow the evening of the 24th.  Yay, almost 20 hours of traveling.  It would have been faster for me to take a direct flight from LA to Moscow, but the only carrier that offered that was Aeroflot, the airline best known for its less than stellar safety record and grim faced flight attendants (their former slogan: “We don’t smile, because we’re serious about making you happy.”).  No thanks, Aeroflot, I’ll fly with the French.

The bureaucrats at the Foreign Ministry came through with the visa invitation (and I didn’t even have to bribe them!) so I’ve sent that off to the Russian Embassy and will hopefully receive a visa back in 1 – 2 weeks.  Hopefully being the key word there…